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Carve with Perry Online Carving Classes

Welcome to Carve with Perry!  A series of carving Tutorials, Projects and Online Carving Classes for those interested in wood carving.  I will primarily focus on carving with simple hand tools, the knife being the primary tool! Woodcarving is an excellent affordable pastime enjoyed by people of all ages.  I will be bringing you projects in each of the styles of woodcarving described below.  If your new to wood carving it is easy to become discouraged.  Just remember that carving is life long continuing education. I, like most carvers, have never been 100% happy with any carving I have ever done. We also can improve by seeing what we could have done just a little better. You will get better with time and practice! 

 I wish to share what knowledge I have with you but in reality I can just get you started. It is up to you to learn to carve.  The best advice I can give is to Practice Practice Practice and begin looking at things around you more closely.  For instance, if you want to carve a face,  then study faces and expressions of everyone around you.  When I look at a flower for instance I am not just seeing its beauty, I am studying its stem, leaves and petals,  they way they twist and turn and fold. As you carve more and more you will soon find that you begin looking at everything around you in a different light!

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Styles Of Woodcarving

Below are examples of the various types of woodcarving styles. There are many variations possible with each style but these should give you an idea of  each style!


Chip Carving

Usually executed with a knife and characterized by simple geometrical patterns.

Flat Plane Carving

flat-plane style of woodcarving is a style of figure carving. The figures are carved in large flat planes, created primarily using a carving knife. This is primarily the style used by Caricature Carvers

Relief Carving

Relief carving is a sculptural form in which figures are carved in a flat panel of wood. The figures project only slightly from the background rather than standing freely. Depending on the degree of projection, reliefs may also be classified as high or medium relief.


Sculptural Carving

Usually carved in three dimensional form sculptural carvings are  typically  creating a life like representation of a subject (e.g.  Human Busts, Birds,  Flora and Fauna, et.)  and can be an abstract!


A Norwegian folk art used as decoration on a variety of objects such as spoons, Breadboards and even Coffins.  It is  decorative technique that involves drawing a pattern onto an object then,with a sharp knife , incising lines and then rubbing on a dye that sticks to the etched lines so the pattern is clearly visible. 


This slide show features carvers that have used one of the "Carve With Perry" patterns or tutorials! 

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Long Stem Rose Pattern and Instructions With Pictures

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Creating Your Own Patterns And Cutouts!

A brief  tutorial on the basics of making you own patterns and cut outs!


Carolina Chickadee

26 Pages and 80 Photographs!

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Construct a Chisel and Gouge Rack designed by Member Michael Zelonis of Z Wood Arts in Roanoke Virginia.  Click on the photo above to download pictures and plans!


Shelf Puppy

A fun carving project any anyone that just likes to whittle!


Accompanies tutorial Carve and Paint a Hummingbird.

Ruby Throated Hummingbird
A detailed Hummingbird in feeding position. 

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Life Size

Eastern Blue Bird

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Long Stem Rose

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Life Size 

Carolina Chickadee

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Create your own jewelry for fun or profit with these full size patterns!

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Create your own Christmas Ornaments for fun or profit with these full size patterns!

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I enjoy seeing the work of those participating in my tutorials  and classes or have carved from a pattern that I created! I will add them to the Special Slideshow so that visitors can see your work!

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